BALANCE Parent Engagement

BALANCE is an early intervention program developed by Dr. Kelsey Ruppel and Dr. Greg Hanley of FTF Behavioral Consulting, and is based on many years of in-depth research. It is designed for children with ASD with emerging problem behaviors, and ideally suited to fill the gap for young children who have recently been diagnosed with ASD but who haven’t started yet or have just started receiving therapy.

The BALANCE program is designed to be implemented by parents in a home setting and supervised by a BCBA. It has been fully integrated with the Hi Rasmus platform, so that it is easy and streamlined to use for both parents, RBTs and BCBAs. By using the Hi Rasmus platform, BCBAs can supervise the program both live, remotely and asynchronously using next-generation video recording and data collection technology.

Parent training can be a challenge, marked by hectic schedules and low engagement.

Our platform helps you deliver high-quality parent training from world renowned researchers.

Bridge the gap between environments with note sharing, video communication and user-friendly data collection from any mobile device. 

This means better therapy for your clients and better business for you.

Did you know?

Research shows that children with behavioral challenges have greater success in behavioral programs when their caretakers participate in the process (Anan et al 2008, Barnard et al., 1977, Brookman-Frazee and Koegel 2004, Koegel et al. 1996).

BALANCE on Hi Rasmus

Parent engagement is key for succesful implementation of BALANCE. Hi Rasmus and FTF Behavior Consultants has teamed up to maximize parent engagement. We aim to create an intuitive experience that helps parents as well as BCBAs:

Parents and caregivers

  • Easy access to instructions and demonstration videos of every step of BALANCE on their smartphone or tablet
  • Track own progress with engaging graphs and visualizations
  • Easily record and submit videos to the BCBA at their own time


  • Setup and deliver the BALANCE program to a new client in a matter of minutes
  • Supervise parents in-home or through asynchronous videos
  • Graph progress and export data for easy billing and reporting
  • Customize and add your own videos or instructions if you wish to personalize the experience
  • Get confidently started in less than 15 minutes

See it in action

Book a free demo to see how you and your organization can leverage your parent training with our next generation software solution. Scalable from independent BCBA to enterprise-level multi-national providers.

Dr. Greg Hanley, BCBA-D

Dr. Kelsey Ruppel, BCBA-D