Customizing Prompt Levels

As you grow your library of programs and clients you might want to start customizing how you work with Levels of Prompting on the individual programs and across clients.

Prompt Levels are managed in your Settings menu. You will start out with a very simple prompt level template. When you add a new prompt level template you can choose the exact behaviour of your data collection.

In this example we have added three different outcomes we can use for data collection: Independent, Guided and No response.

The Independent prompt level is marked as Successful and will count positively towards mastery in charts and automatic mastery workflow.

You can reorder the prompt levels with the up- and down arrows and delete them by clicking the trash-bin icon.

You can also change color of the individual prompt level to make it easy to distinguish between the individual prompt levels when collecting and analyzing data.

Select Prompt Levels for a program #

You can easily change what prompt levels are used when collecting data on a specific program. Go to Programs or Library and edit the program. In the program editor click the Data Recording tab. Use the Level of Prompting field to select the desired template.