Duration Programs

No more juggling multiple timers! We have made gathering duration data for one or multiple programs simple and accessible during your sessions.

Set up a duration-based program #

From Programs , select Duration from the “Add Program” drop-down box.

Enter a program name (required).

Quick tip: Add a cover photo

Add a professional, inviting appearance to any of your programs with a cover photo. Simply select the icon to the right of your program’s name, and you can upload a relevant picture. This can make navigating programs from your client’s Home page more user-friendly and welcoming.

Instructions – List an objective for your learner. Detail any directions for therapists/parents via text and/or a demonstration video. Select this program’s status (Waiting, Baseline, Active, Hold, Closed).

Targets – Enter the target behavior(s) that you will be collecting duration data on during a session. Specify each target’s status using the  drop-down list on the right-hand side.

Data Recording – Select the prompt level template you would like to use. Typically, a template with a single occurrence prompt available would be used to initiate the timer within a session, though various prompt level templates could be used. Lastly, select Save to create your duration program.

Running a duration-based program #

To start the timer while running a session, simply click on the target (if more than one prompt is available, make a prompt level selection). Click again to stop timer. Cumulative duration will be shown in the upper right corner (in green), and the current event duration will be displayed in the center of the target.