File Sharing

Table of Contents

Upload files #

Looking for a secure way to store and share documents, forms, and other important case-related information? Each client has a section for this purpose. Under the left-hand menu, select Files. Here, you will see a list of documents that you have uploaded to your client’s profile.

To add a new file, simply select .

You will be able to upload documents and pictures across a wide variety of formats directly from your computer.

File information #

To edit information regarding an uploaded file, select the icon to the right of the file name.

Here, you can rename a file, add a description, and choose if you would like to limit file visibility to senior therapists, external trainers, or parents. Once edits have been made, select “Save”.

Those who have access to the file will be able to view and download the document by selecting the icon to the right of the file listing.

Documents may be deleted at any time by selecting and then Delete file.