The BALANCE parent training program

NOW AVAILABLE with all subscriptions on our platform!

Before you get started with the BALANCE program, please log in and create the client you are going to work with. You can create a client by clicking Clients in the menu.

Logging in and creating a client

If you need any training or have specific questions regarding the program itself, please contact FTF Behavioral Consultants.

Introducing the program #

To start working with the BALANCE program, go to Library and scroll down until you find the Featured Programs section. Here, select the Balance Program. The program consists of 10 steps and a data-collection program. Each step contains instructions for the parents, as well as video demonstrations of how to work with the child.

You can download the program to a client by selecting from the Balance page and choosing the name of the client you wish to work with. All programs will be added to the client.

Adding Balance to a client

From Home, you should now see two sessions: one for data collection and one for the parents to run. “In-home Supervision” will only be used by the supervising therapist to collect data. This session’s visibility has been limited so it will not be visible to parents when they log in.

Inviting Parents #

To invite parents and allow them to see instructions and work on their own, please visit Clients and select the icon to the right of any client on your list. Here, you can manage the users with access. Click Invite parent or trainer, then enter the individual’s e-mail address. The program will invite the caregiver to create a profile with their own e-mail address and password.

Inviting Parents & Trainers

Collecting data #

When a therapist logs in to collect data, they simply select on the In-home Supervision session. Prior to entering the data collection space, a preparation overview will be presented. Here, you can click on the Balance program step to see further instructions on the program-step, including model videos for the parents, parent goals, and specific instructions. You can also see detailed instructions on the data collection side by selecting the BALANCE Data program.

Click to start the observation. The session duration and timing are automatically tracked, and you can start collecting data. The BALANCE program is structured as a task analysis chain; thus each trial requires you to collect data on all tasks in the chain. Click a target and record a + for positive and a – for a negative or prompted response.

For the first trial click + if the parent engaged in the child’s play. Click + if no emerging problem behaviors were observed, and click + if adult teaching integrity was perfect. In the later steps, more tasks will be added to the chain. If you skip a task in the chain, it will automatically be recorded as a negative.

When you have observed approximately 5 trials, you can click , and you will see a summary of the trials.

Monitoring Progress #

To see the child’s progress, select Insights from the menu, and then choose BALANCE.

The data will be shown as % correct per data objective per day. If you need to export the data, you can click the three dots (…)

Switching to the next step #

When the progress matches the criteria and the parent is ready to move on to the next step, you can progress by following this process:

  1. Go to Programs and edit Welcome to Balance (or the current active step) to set the program status to Closed.
  2. Edit the program of the next step and set it as Active.
  3. Save the program.

Changing Steps in Balance

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.