Skill-Based Treatment

Hi Rasmus is built to be user-friendly and flexible for programming and data collection. We have taken that a step further with Skill-Based Treatment.

In collaboration with Dr. Greg Hanley, Dr. Anthony Camilleri, and a team of very experienced BCBAs, we have built a bespoke solution for implementing Skill-Based Treatment (SBT). The overall goal of treatment is to develop trusting relationships between children and caregivers and to teach children how to be effective despite ambiguity, unpredictability, and disappointments of everyday life.

Scaling SBT in larger organizations
Hi Rasmus makes it easy for organizations to implement SBT as part of their digital data-collection. A BCBA can get started and have everything set up in less than a minute. RBTs don’t have to fiddle with paper data sheets or manually entering results after each session.

Get early access

Skill-Based Treatment on Hi Rasmus is currently being beta-tested by a number of hand-picked organizations and BCBAs around the world. We would love to invite you to join our waiting list to get early access when we start inviting more BCBAs and organizations. 

When you are signed up, you will be invited to get early access before our official launch.