Telehealth on Hi Ramsus


Break down barriers of time and distance with our secure, HIPAA-compliant video capabilities, featuring:

  • Live video streaming in sessions
  • Data collection and video chat in the same place – no more toggling between screens!
  • Asynchronous video and file uploads, readily accessible ABC data collection, and built in chats for session and data feedback.

Telehealth opens doors to improve client reach, parent participation, and quality supervision.

Our platform removes the need for costly drive time and helps you deliver high-quality services, no matter the distance.

Efficiently and securely gather data while interacting with your clients on the same page!  

This means better therapy for your clients and better business for you.

Live video sessions

Initiate synchronous video call sessions with clients and their linked team members including supervisees, caregivers, and other service providers. These streaming services are HIPAA-compliant and secure, removing the need to rely on outside platforms.

With video chat and data collection on the same screen, you can now spend less time searching for data and more time focusing on your client and their needs.

Asynchronous data collection

Observe and record data on recorded sessions. This capability allows for flexibility in scheduling, verifiable data, and thorough behavior analytics.  

Provide better feedback to caregivers and therapists by reviewing portions of videos together.

All session data can be reviewed across a timeline, so you know precisely when behaviors are documented during a session.