v.1.17.0 – Treatment plans and report templates

New Features

  • Treatment Planning and Progress Reporting
    • Make reporting a breeze: Create templates for your treatment plans and progress reports. (See Settings > Treatment Plans)
    • New Treatment tab on Programs where you can set up Objective, Baseline and treatment area covered by the program.
    • Progress Overview is grouped by treatment area (after you set up your treatment area outline in Settings > Treatment Plans > Treatment Areas
  • Parent targets are automatically mastered when all their sub-targets are mastered and closed when all sub-targets are closed.
  • Subscription page now allows you to customize your billing name and address and VAT.
  • Notifications about new comments on a session are now sent as push-messages instead of e-mail when available
  • New tags can now be created from the Settings > Programs > Tags page

Bug Fixes

  • The app now scrolls to the same place in History after viewing a session
  • Minor fixes for Single-sign on users.