v1.16.0 – Rate targets

New Features

  • Add rate targets to Skill Acquisition programs with three different timer options:
    • Count-up (Stopwatch style)
    • Count-down (Egg-timer style)
    • Session timer (tied to session timer)
  • Each target with a count-up or count-down timer will have it’s own separate timer.
  • Progress Overview will now truncate long program names and target labels for easier overview and readability
  • Insights and Progress Graphs has a new date range setting: Last Week to pull last week’s data
  • “View as…” button on Home page let’s you preview the page as it’s shown to parents or RBTs

Bug Fixes

  • Improved handling of logins across multiple tabs in the browser version
  • No longer shows an options to view data on targets in Library programs
  • Fixed minor issue when undoing the first trial of a TA program
  • Fixed issue with sessions potentially locking if a program was deleted while the session was still in progress
  • Fixed issue with charts not always exporting correctly in Safari browsers