v1.17.6 – Fixing a lot of feedback from our users :-)

New Features

  • Sub-targets and Task Analysis steps are now available when previewing a program at the Preparation page or during data collection
  • New options to outline progress reports with treatment outline headings for easier treatment plan rendering
  • Session note templates and Progress report templates can now refer all built-in client data fields
  • Prompt level fading hints can now be used individually for a target, a task analysis or a set of targets.
  • Graphs now show program name or target label in the legend and when exporting
  • Easier access to preview the selected prompt level template when editing a program
  • We now show a loader screen when refreshing the screen to prevent login screen from flashing and user confusion…

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Progress reports could sometimes not be exported when they contained indentations
  • Fixed image width to make progress reports prettier when exporting to PDF
  • Mastering workflows would previously always start maintenance on a Daily schedule even if the workflow didn’t have a Daily maintenance schedule but started directly at e.g. Weekly maintenance.
  • Reopening a target with prompt level fading now sets suggested prompt level to match last trial (previously shown as unknown)
  • Target data history would not always show the very first session in which the target was run