v1.17.8 – Progress Report improvements

New Features

  • Progress Report Templates: You can now disable header, progress graph and footer for each program in treatment progress modules
  • Progress Report Templates: Optionally show table of targets below each program graph and select columns to show for the filtered targets
  • Skill Based Treatment: Targets now keep their order when mastering / closing CABs
  • Closed and discontinued steps on TA targets are no longer shown during sessions
  • Line-breaks are now preserved in text-fields (e.g. program objective, baseline and custom client data fields) in progress reports
  • The term ‘Learner’ is now replaced with the client’s name when referencing program objective and baseline in progress reports
  • Library page displays long folder names better
  • New Import functionality: Import behavior targets and data from ReThink

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error where Insights graphs would not export in rare cases
  • Sub-target statuses would sometimes show as unknown when previewing a program
  • Progress graphs would in rare cases prevent a progress report from exporting to PDF
  • Reordering elements in a progress report template would not always work.
  • Duplicating Skill-Based Treatment progress would cause the Happy/Relaxed/Engaged target to appear in EO in the copy of the program