v1.17.9 – Export session notes with data, better ABC graphing and more!

New Features

  • Export session notes with data to PDF
  • Filter multiple activity types at once in History
  • Supervisors and Managers can lock programs in the Library to prevent BCBAs from changing or deleting organization-wide programs
  • Skill-Based Treatment: Show next EO while in SR
  • Skill-Based Treatment: Automatically switch to EO when scoring SR
  • Skill-Based Treatment: Show skipped trials when reviewing data
  • Requests for session note signatures will now be sent as push message if available (otherwise e-mail)
  • Improved graphing for ABC programs on Progress page: Filter by topography
  • Improved graphing for ABC programs on Progress page: Group results to visualize distribution of topographies

Bug Fixes

  • Learning materials could not be previewed immediately after upload
  • Text would sometimes not wrap in tables in progress reports
  • Task Analysis targets would reset the mastery date when automatically moving to a lower cadence of maintenance