v1.18.10 – Integration updates

New Features

  • Treatment tab is now also shown when editing Skill-Based Treatment programs
  • Previous Insights dashboard can now be accessed by clicking the Insights headline on the Progress Overview page.
  • Integrations: When assigning clients and users to remote client / user profile the remote system ID of the client / user is now shown in the table
  • Integrations: Linking a past session to an appointment now shows appointments from that session’s date and onward rather than today’s date.
  • Integrations: Load earlier sessions when linking a session to an appointment or changing the linked appointment

Bug Fixes

  • Importing programs and targets to the Library now imports to the current folder instead of the root folder
  • Fixed: In very specific cases Minimum number of trials were not applied correctly for task analysis targets with adjusted workflows.
  • Fixed: Phase-change lines for sub-targets could not be deleted
  • Fixed: Staff-training sessions could not be deleted