v1.18.12 – Improved client management, report signatures, preview programs

New Features

  • Signature elements are now available for reports and report templates to easily allow supervisors, parents or other users to sign a report before it’s exported.
  • When you edit a client (on the Clients page) you can now easily manage which users has access to that particular client and invite new users
  • Preview data collection for you programs with the new Preview button on the Edit program page.
  • Data Collection architecture has been completely reworked to allow all target types to be pinned to the top and all timers report match exactly when a supervisor watches a session.
  • You can now undo trials in Skill-Based Treatment data collection
  • Skill-Based Treatment programs can be pinned to the top of the data collection view to easily integrate other programs into the EO phase of an SBT program
  • Integrations: Appointments booked in Lumary will map to the session with the same name in Hi Rasmus
  • Home page is now organized into Treatment areas and sub-areas
  • New User privilege setting: Allow users to sign any signature request. Disable this setting to prevent users from being able to sign a signature request made for another user.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Session notes and reports that contained tables with merged cells were in some cases unable to export correctly to PDF
  • Fixed: ESDM programs did not show targets overview on Home page
  • Fixed: If graph settings were edited in a report any changes to the header or footer of that graph were reverted.
  • Fixed: Programs that were locked in the Library retained their lock-status when added to a client. This prevented RBTs from adding or editing the targets of that program.
  • Fixed: Appointments of deleted clients would in some cases still show up on a user’s Home page.
  • Fixed: Programs that were deleted from the Library would sometimes still show up when searching for programs.