v1.18.7 – Favorite your clients for easy access

New Features

  • Users can now favorite their clients (if they have access to more than 5 clients) in order to easily access the clients they most commonly work with. This is very helpful in larger organizations where an RBT might have access to all clients at their location but only work with a subset of these on a daily basis.
    • To favorite a client click the client selection drop-down and then hover the client and click the hear next to the alias. The favorited clients will appear in the top of the list going forward.
  • Create global folders in the Files section
    • Managers now have the option to set a folder as global when they add a new folder in the Files section. A global folder will be visible across all clients. The contents within the global folders is still only related to the individual client. This is useful for larger organizations when creating a common structure of documents across all clients.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Video uploads within sessions could fail on certain devices