v1.18.8 – Add programs faster!

New Features

  • Search your library when adding new programs. The Add program button now contains a Search Library field to quickly access library content
  • Create program templates that can be easily accessed when adding new programs. To add a program template simply go to the Library folder called Templates and add a new program.
You can lock the programs in the Templates folders if you don’t want other users to be able to edit your templates
  • Integrations: Automatically pull appointment changes on a daily basis.
  • Long program names in the library are now truncated but will be shown if you hover over the name
  • Set up default target types for adding new targets. This is useful if a program contains only duration targets, or only rate targets. Especially useful when a program is used as a template.
Edit a program and click … on the Targets tab to change the default target type. When the user clicks Add target this type will automatically be used.
  • Coverphotos are now shown on the program preview screen.
  • Usability: Table design is streamlined across different pages and bulk actions are now available without scrolling to the top of the screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Breadcrumbs in the top of the page would show incorrectly on a few pages.
  • Native app would not allow the user to download videos on a session