v1.18.9 – Improved Client auditing tools for large orgs

New Features

  • Select custom table columns when viewing clients (only Managers and Supervisors). This simplifies client/license auditing when managing hundreds or thousands of clients.
  • Export client list to CSV or Excel
  • Manually add multiple observations in-session. Long-tap a target to select number of observations for DTT/Rate targets or manually enter duration for Duration-targets
  • You can now lock/unlock Prompt Level templates and Workflows to prevent supervisors to change clinic-wide prompt-level templates and workflows.
  • Insights has been moved from the main menu to the bottom of the Progress Overview page to simplify the user experience when navigating the platform and to easily set up custom progress charts on the Progress overview page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed navigation when previewing a PDF file
  • Minor fix in custom labels on graphs
  • Only allow Random Rotation and CAP Branch targets types for Skill-Based Treatment programs.