v1.18.1 – Google Workspace integration

New Features

  • Single sign-on with Google Workspace. Users can now log in with their Google or Google Workspace account (e-mail must be the same as they are invited to Hi Rasmus with).
  • New option to Disable a client instead of deleting them or editing them to remove their license.
  • Skill-Based Treatment (BETA): Semi-automatic progression to next target response level when mastering criteria are met. Enable in Edit program -> Data Collection -> Enable automatic mastering criteria


  • Deleting a client now prompts the user to enter the client’s full name to confirm deletion. To prevent accidental deletion of clients.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Target filter for not including sub-targets on progress Report templates was not working as intended.
  • Minor design update on History page (mobile devices)

Latest news

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Book your free Hi Rasmus demo

Book your free Hi Rasmus demo