Staff Competency

Increase clinician skills by harnessing staff profiles

Track Staff Competencies

Hi Rasmus staff profiles come with up-to-date task lists, making it easy for supervisors and candidates alike to track and monitor progress toward meeting BACB requirements.

Tailor programs for a variety of roles within your organization. Standardize your training by developing custom programs to monitor and track employee progression on key staff competencies and skills.

Allow staff to see what target skills by which they are being evaluated and easily visualize their own progression in those skills.

Automate mastery criteria

Value developing your people? Clinical supervisors can take advantage of automatic progressions in staff programs to foster a culture of continual growth while celebrating each step along the way.

Chat Feedback

Provide immediate feedback to staff throughout their use of the platform. From procedure implementation to session documentation details, comments can offer a way to intuitively reinforce and shape staff behavior.

Active Student Responding

Create staff modules, embedding videos and active responding, to focus on teaching skills. Hi Rasmus' available RBT training course combines this with the power of asynchronous data collection, to offer a BST-based solution for RBTs.

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Book your free Hi Rasmus demo

Book your free Hi Rasmus demo