How VR technology can support in homes

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New Features

  • Completely redesigned easy process for writing and managing session notes and signatures
  • Allow multiple session notes per session when the session has multiple therapists
  • Include data in session note templates
  • Improved hand-over of sessions with multiple therapists
  • Activity time tracking on sessions. Track breaks, transportation, etc.
  • Easily filter activities/session notes by status
  • Final updates to Skill-Based Treatment
  • New user privilege option: Allow/disallow user groups to change session note template when filling out notes
  • Improved appointments when using Hi Rasmus without an external practice management platform
  • Quicker access to sessions and session notes from History page
  • Improved usability when reviewing or supervising a video on a session
  • Allow parents to sign reports
  • Search a client’s Programs page
  • Report format now match the final PDF version when previewed
  • Option to filter displayed targets when editing a program

At leve er ikke nok. Solskin, frihed og en lille blomst må man ha.

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Premium features (in beta)

  • Reporting across clients (Premium subscribers only)
  • Session supervision and supervision notes (Premium subscribers only)
Bug Fixes
  • [Fixed] Signatures would overlap text when signing on mobile devices
  • [Fixed] Deleting a target with sub-target would not delete the sub-targets
  • [Fixed] Graphs for Skill-Based Treatment CAB5 were showing data for the whole branch instead of only the CAB
  • [Fixed] Formatting on reports would not be optimal in certain cases

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Nikolaj Hendriksen
Founder & CEO, Hi Rasmus


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