v2.0.11 – Share your creations!

New Features

  • Share Library folders with other organizations. Click … on a folder and then select Share…
  • New activity type: “Incident Report”. An easy way to track and report incidents for organizations who need to report severe incidents.
  • [Integrations] Improved usability when editing a link between a client in Hi Rasmus and the same in a Practice Management platform.
  • Log a Program Modification directly from the Programs page. Just click … on the program and then Log Program Mod
  • Frequency and duration programs will now format data accordingly (observed duration for duration programs and number of occurrences for frequency programs) when a session note template is set up to contain the session data.


  • This release contains a lot of optimizations for improved performance on older devices and devices with limited memory available.

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] Prevent sessions from spanning across multiple days. Previously, if a session was left open for multiple days it was not possible to correctly set the end-date. Now a session activity will never span across more than 24 hours.
  • [Fixed] Insights charts did not show phase change lines automatically even if they were saved with phase change lines showing
  • [Fixed] Logging in using Google was not possible with Multi-Factor Authentication

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Book your free Hi Rasmus demo

Book your free Hi Rasmus demo