Nikolaj Hendriksen

After 20 years as a tech entrepreneur in consumer finance Nikolaj changed course and is now fully devoted to lessen the burden on parents, children and therapists who work with autism. To build an impact enterprise that will benefit children with autism all over the world and help them live a full and purposeful life.


We are very excited to present a new version of Hi Rasmus with much better handling of session notes, supervision, reporting and many other features. New Features Premium features (in beta) Bug Fixes

v1.18.9 – Improved Client auditing tools for large orgs

New Features Select custom table columns when viewing clients (only Managers and Supervisors). This simplifies client/license auditing when managing hundreds or thousands of clients. Export client list to CSV or Excel Manually add multiple observations in-session. Long-tap a target to select number of observations for DTT/Rate targets or manually enter duration for Duration-targets You can …

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