Nikolaj Hendriksen

After 20 years as a tech entrepreneur in consumer finance Nikolaj changed course and is now fully devoted to lessen the burden on parents, children and therapists who work with autism. To build an impact enterprise that will benefit children with autism all over the world and help them live a full and purposeful life.

v1.16.2 – Skill-Based Treatment (Beta)

New Features Skill-Based Treatment released for our closed-beta tester group. Please contact us for participation Multiple comments on a session no longer generate multiple notification e-mails You can now see the geolocation of where a session was started and finished for compliance with certain insurance providers. Tables can now be used in program instructions. A …

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v1.16.0 – Rate targets

New Features Add rate targets to Skill Acquisition programs with three different timer options: Count-up (Stopwatch style) Count-down (Egg-timer style) Session timer (tied to session timer) Each target with a count-up or count-down timer will have it’s own separate timer. Progress Overview will now truncate long program names and target labels for easier overview and …

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v1.14.10 – Duplicate targets

New Features Duplicate a target (including sub-targets and settings) when editing a program Geo-location is now saved when starting and finishing a session Help menu will show when a new version is available even if the browser didn’t receive it yet

v1.14.7 – Progress Performance Reporting

New Features Progress page now includes % completed, trials to mastery and sessions to mastery per program Add certifications and licenses to staff profiles to keep track of credentialing and certification/license expiry dates. Staff Competency Task List for Initial RBT Competency Assessment is now available when adding Staff profiles (Clients -> Staff) Bug Fixes Phase …

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