What’s New

v1.16.2 – Skill-Based Treatment (Beta)

New Features Skill-Based Treatment released for our closed-beta tester group. Please contact us for participation Multiple comments on a session no longer generate multiple notification e-mails You can now see the geolocation of where a session was started and finished for compliance with certain insurance providers. Tables can now be used in program instructions. A …

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v1.16.0 – Rate targets

New Features Add rate targets to Skill Acquisition programs with three different timer options: Count-up (Stopwatch style) Count-down (Egg-timer style) Session timer (tied to session timer) Each target with a count-up or count-down timer will have it’s own separate timer. Progress Overview will now truncate long program names and target labels for easier overview and …

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v1.15.0 – More flexible workflows

New Features More user-friendly workflow management user interface Customize, add and remove statuses in workflows to create completely customize phases for your targets Workflows: Option to automatically add phase change line when a target changes status Request session note signatures from parents or other usersAdd multiple programs at once in Progress Report Prompt level fading: …

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v1.14.10 – Duplicate targets

New Features Duplicate a target (including sub-targets and settings) when editing a program Geo-location is now saved when starting and finishing a session Help menu will show when a new version is available even if the browser didn’t receive it yet

v1.14.7 – Progress Performance Reporting

New Features Progress page now includes % completed, trials to mastery and sessions to mastery per program Add certifications and licenses to staff profiles to keep track of credentialing and certification/license expiry dates. Staff Competency Task List for Initial RBT Competency Assessment is now available when adding Staff profiles (Clients -> Staff) Bug Fixes Phase …

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